Bioresonance Science

Bioresonance Science

In the water resonance, the DNA is sending a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. The computed frequencies from the structure of the DNA agree with those of the bio-photon radiation as predicted. The optimization of efficiency by minimizing the conduction losses leads to the double helix structure of DNA. The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers many observed structures within the nucleus from perfect, but also introduces the hyperboloid channels in the matrix, if two cells communicate with each other.

Physical results revealed in 1990 form the basis of the essential component of a potential vortex scalar wave. The need for an extended field theory approach has been known since 2009 by the discovery of magnetic monopoles. For the first time this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only from the biological discipline of Science understanding only. Nature covers the whole spectrum of known scientific fields of research for the first time this interdisciplinary understanding is explaining such complex relationships.

Decisive are the characteristics of the potential vortex. With its concentration effect, it provides a miniaturization down to a few nanometers, which allows the outrageously high information density in the nucleus for the first time.

Here for the first time magnetic scalar wave theory explains dual based pair-stored information of the genetic code and a process of converting into an electrical modulation to so to say, "piggyback" information transfer from the cell nucleus to another cell. At the receiving end the reverse process takes place in writing, a chemical structure physically. The energy required to power the chemical process, comes from the scalar wave itself.


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Bioresonance Scientific basis


According to the results of modern cybernetics, the following principle is applicable: the more complex the systems, the more dominating are the laws of interplay.

Such complex systems, e.g. human beings, have a considerably high degree of self-regulation and self-healing abilities. The self-regulation forces can be induced precisely and only through weak therapeutic stimuli since they do not affect the system integrity or the balance of the system.

Deterministic chaos, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and dissipative structures

Living open systems are non-equilibrium systems at all biological, chemical and physical levels, their development is irreversible and they normally do not have a linear behaviour.

Minor changes in the causes or initial conditions of process flows may result in significant changes in effects (“butterfly effects”). The supply of signal energy or negative entropy (order, information) leads to new spatial and temporal order formation (e.g. biological rhythms) in the already formed living system.



Living systems comprise electromagnetic antenna systems (atoms, biomolecules, membranes, cells, etc.) that simultaneously act as transmitters and receivers.

Living systems can be influenced using static and dynamic electromagnetic fields (electromagnetic waves and oscillations) in the entire frequency range and even with extremely low power flux densities. Enzyme activities can be influenced using frequencies in the optical spectral range (1014 range) and extremely low frequency ranges (10 Hz range). Living systems communicate with the inner elements and also with the living and dead environment using their electromagnetic oscillation fields.

An example - the coherence theory of biophotons (Fritz-Albert Popp): Physical properties of this extremely weak light radiation from cells and organisms (e.g. broadband LASER light) and many experimental-biological results make it evident that this special light is used for internal and external communication in living systems.

Structure of water

Water, the decisive element for life, can be influenced by weak, coherent electromagnetic fields over a period and is therefore a storage and transfer medium for such fields.

Basic regulation system

All specific organ cells are embedded into the soft connective tissue. It is the transit route of nutrition supply, disposal of metabolic end products, the hormonal and neural information transfer. It connects all elements with all other elements in the organism (e.g. a tooth with a lever). It functions locally and, if required, globally. The electromagnetic condition of this system is a decisive factor. It is an intermediary substrate of static and dynamic electromagnetic mutual reactions in an organism. The basic regulation system is the primary regulation system of human beings.

As per modern scientific knowledge, living systems distinguish themselves with the following characteristics:

• They normally have high self-regulation ability.
• They normally have high sensitivity.
• As a rule, only weak stimuli of self-regulation are usable as otherwise they result in blockages.
• Weak stimuli can normally result in major effects. Not the strength of the stimulus, but its precision, i.e. their resonance with the inner recipient system, is decisive.
•   Biomolecules, cells, etc. are sensitive electromagnetic antenna systems (transmitters and receivers). They are sensitive to weak electromagnetic fields. Not the strength, but the correct information, i.e. their resonance or bioresonance with biological antenna systems, is decisive.


The biophysical level

Information transfers through extremely weak electromagnetic field like those used therapeutically in the NLS bioresonance therapy may have distinct effects on living systems. Prevailing researches on bioelectromagnetism and numerous research results have indubitably confirmed this.


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The Biostar-NLS system is an informative catalyst (accelerator) for self-regulation and uses a) the retro-reflection of inverted (mirrored), weak electromagnetic oscillations of a human being and b) externally fed electromagnetic oscillations of bioactive substances and colours.

The conventional medicine therapy is a special case of the bioresonance therapy. In bioresonance therapy, information is directly transferred to human beings or animals using electromagnetic fields. In the medicine therapy, these fields are “bonded” with substances. These electromagnetic fields are the biophysical, effective principle. The material aspect of the medicine therapy plays an important role in field stabilisation and localisation.

Over the decades, bioelectromagnetism, i.e. the existence of electromagnetic fields in living systems, has been studied by numerous scientific research groups.

This research work has resulted in a uniform picture: Sub-atomic particles (electrons, cores, etc.), atoms, molecules, sub-cellular parts (membranes, enzymes, hormones), cells and units of these physical, chemical and biological modules of life function as transmitters and receivers of electromagnetic waves. Coherent (structured), electromagnetic fields are formed in all spatial areas (… molecule areas, … cell areas, …human area) and they regulate life-activity in coordination with the material structures at a biophysical, biochemical and biological level. For example, the entire biochemical process flows in a regulation unit are presumably connected with electromagnetic program structures (or Electromagnetic fields).



Electromagnetic fields are a causal and integral element of life. They are not mere accompanying symptoms from the point of view of meaningless by-products of life-activity. As per these perceptions, healthiness at an underlying biophysical level is the flexible, cooperative bonding of all electromagnetic oscillations (i.e. optimal communication) in a human being.

Illness means the isolation of oscillations from the original oscillation system. These isolated, rigid oscillations (“pathological oscillations”) indicate the lack of communication and therefore regulative blockages or illness. This may affect the entire electromagnetic program structures.

The endogenous bioresonance therapy displaces the inherent patient oscillations after inverting (reflection) itself. This leads to the integration of isolated oscillations into the communicative oscillation system and subsequently removes regulative, communicative blockages (informative autocatalysis).

The exogenous bioresonance therapy displaces the inner oscillation field of substance oscillations from the outside to stimulate the integration of isolated, “pathological” oscillations (informative external catalysis).


The biological-medicinal level

The conception of illness should first be stated more precisely. As far as human nutrition, hygiene and miscellaneous habits as per the principle of proper moderation are concerned, the symptoms of the disease are a consequence of regulative blockages as regards the internal and external problems in information transfer and/or communication which may grow stronger morphologically over a period.  

The reasons can be external material strains (enteromycosis, amalgam strain, geopathic strain, pollution due to heavy metals, dental foci, scar foci, etc.), and “negative“ emotional (psychological) states (psychosomatic diseases in wider sense). Constitutional weaknesses (in wider sense) of the person concerned also contribute towards this.

The NLS bioresonance therapy can improve constitutional weaknesses, divert external material strains and also have a positive effect on emotional blockages to ensure that the self-regulation system functions without any problem.

Biological “ageing” is not considered to be a disease.

Numerous controlled researches corroborate the effectiveness of the NLS bioresonance therapy at clinical and biological levels.


The practical application level

The NLS bioresonance therapy aids the self-regulation capabilities of a human being. Undesired side effects have not been observed until now.

It can normally be used for all types of diseases and also as a supplement for infants as well as old people provided these diseases do not concern internal-medical or surgical emergencies.

In practical application, the main focus is on functional diseases, psychosomatic diseases, allergies/indigestibility, pains, rheumatic and chronic diseases that can sometimes be treated conventionally only with unreasonable side effects.

Only a few therapy sessions are required for acute diseases. Longer or long-term therapy is required in case of chronic diseases depending on the individual initial situation.

This therapy method can be used for animals and plants as well.