Information Medicine

Information Medicine

Information Medicine heals the Psyche

All owners of the Biostar-NLS will learn how "Infomation Medicine" is the future method to understanding ilness and path to healing the Psyche. 

Psyche comes from the Greek psykhe, which means “the soul, mind, spirit, or invisible animating entity which occupies the physical body.”

The Biostar-NLS device is a research device aimed at helping the professional or home user discover the true nature of disease.  The true nature of disease can be observed in diffrent reigions of the brain.

Owners of the Biostar-NLS will have a competitve advantage over all other devices on the market, and so the choice is simple. Without understandig the true nature of disease your efforts to resolve the health issue will be ineffective.

Why is the Biostar Technology your advantage:

Simple Biological facts are the basis of the method of observation you will be taught so that you will better understand the true nature of disease. Below is a list of a few Biological fast you will learn, in addition you should come to understand that most of the "medical" knowledge you have learned contradicts what you are about to read, even though all of our statement below are "scientifically" proven:


According to Dr. Hamer, a German former physician, is the originator of Germanic New Medicine: The Psyche, the Brain and the Organs of the Body is a single coherent "Biological Organism", therefore:

  1. 1. Diseases, like Cancer, is a natural process of the "Psyche - Brain - Organ" connection and does not require a cure or treatment.
  2. 2. Cancer,  bacteria, viruses, or fungus, does not harm the body, rather part of the healing process of body. 
  3. 3. Disease is also understanding the clients:  personal perceptions (disease is relative),  and the clients history (time is)
  4. 4. Destroying a bacteria, viruses, or fungus, will interrupt the healing process and can fatal or prolong healing..
  5. 5. All disease is cured by the mind, and all remedies, regardless of whether they are natural or pharmaceutical in origin, first and foremost affect the brain before they affect the organ.
  6. 6. Emotions do not cause disease. Disease is a personal perception of reality that is bound by natures biological laws. 
  7. 7. Disease is a repeatable predictive process, there is no mystery. 
  8. 8. All disease can be linked to a specific event in a persons life.
  9. 9. Diseases are not genetically linked disorders and con not be inherited.
  10. 10. Information is Medicine that can heal the Psyche, just as "Knowledge is the opposite of fear".